What Happened To Hanson?

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Errr.... Who?

Girly looking American boy-band

This is what they are doing now...

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I LOVED hanson when they were big. now they drink coffee and listen to coldplay. i used to love zack.
kasey lyn
Ike now has 2 in the brood (boy, boy).
Zac has one pup (boy).
And Tay has three(boy, girl, boy).
Taylor is married and has 3 kids, Jordan Ezra, Penelpe Anne, and River Samuel. Zac is married, no kids yet. Ike is married and he and his wife Nikki had a lil boy on April 3, 2007 named Clarke Everette!! TOO COOL!!
Katrina Ingle
Ok...Taylor and Natalie were not "forced" into marriage, just to make that clear. They married because they were in love...and 5 years and 3 children later they still are. Zac and Isaac are both married now as well and it's rumored that Isaac's wife Nikki is pregnant. They just released their first fully independent album, The Walk, in japan and it's due to be released in North America May 22nd. They have recently been dubbed by some respectable source (cant remember the name) "secretly the greatest straight-up rock band in America". Check them out at www.hanson.net - The guys are awesome.
Most of it has been said really. The Underneath album was number one independant, they started their own label 3cg records, their doc. is out this year, Zac (20) is getting married in June to Kate (22), Taylor and Natalies daughter is one today, their are rumors nat is PG again. They are currently working on new material. Isaac is still with a model Nikki, from Florida. You can find out more on the band @ www.hanson.net
I have no new info but, I'm betting they split up soon and all try to do things on their own. If they do which one do ya'll think would do the best. hhhmmmmmmm BOB
Hanson is starting their 2005 Fall tour on October 18th In Atlanta. They're doing electric sets this time around. They also released their 'underneath' video, they have the documentary coming out in the spring (why they left Island Def Jam and started 3CG records). And the new live album 'The Best of Hanson Live & Electric' is out this October! As far as "WHAT HAPPENED TO HANSON". Their record label gave 'em a rough time for 3 years and they took the time to create their own record label and go indipendent!
Congrates to Tay and Nat proud parents of Ezra (who turns 3 on Oct.31st) and baby Penelope (who they plan to call Elle). Zac proposed to Kate, but no date is set thus far. Last I heard Isaac was dating a girl named Nikki.
Taylor and Natalie just had another kid named Penelope Anne on April 19, 2005
Still making records and releasing albums. How that's still happening is beyond me!! :|
they've got a new single coming out soon (don't know what its called)
nat's pregnant again, that's what i heard. they're both (she & taylor) are expecting a girl... well, I wish them all the luck & congratulations in advance!
Nope, Hanson ain't Canadian eh?
Proud Canuck
They actually started there own record label, while doing this record, really cool. the guys are now having a great sound and I'm sure they'll hit it for the tops again now!
kate and natalie are from newnan, georgia
I saw hanson last weekend! Did a gig in london, so me and my mate went for a laugh. Place was packed though, touring europe so i'm led to believe! Releasing an acoustic album, none of the new stuff can beat mmm bop though!
taylor is married to Natalie Anne Bryant who is alomst 21 years old, (dec. 28th) they both have a son named Jordan Ezra who is going to be 2 on Oct. 31, but everyone calls him Ezra. tay and Nat got married because she was 5 months pregnant with his kid. they were forced into the marriage by their parents. Zac has a girlfriend who he has been dating for almost 4 years now. Kathryn Rebecca Tucker who is almost 21 (nov. 29th) and is currently a student at the University of Georgia. She is majoring in Buisness/Finance. She said that she might even go to Culinary school someday. She said that to a few of the fans during the Underneath '04 tour. Kate and Zc might consider marriage but AFTER Kate is done with college. Ashley G. pointed that out when a fan asked him about another hanson marrying too young.
Taylor married Natalie Bryant, they have a son named Ezra, he is almost two. Zac's girlfriend is Katie Tucker, she was Natalie's best friend growing up, they're both from Sharpsburg Georgia. Kate goes to college and wants to be an entertainment laywer. Isaac has a girlfriend, don't know her name, she is really gorgeous, and goes to college in Florida. No plans for Zac or Ike to be married just yet, according to them. Hanson has moved to New York and started their own record label, 3CG. They will be touring until December, then will record another album.
Ike's single, Taylor's married to Natalie and they have a son named Ezra (NOT Aziah), Zac's had a girlfriend for about 4 years, and their AMAZING new ablum came out 04/20/04. Oh...and they don't look like girls anymore.
They aren't Canadian. They are from Oklahoma
You meant "Canadian boy band", right?

(They be Canucks, all right.)

(errr....yeah....obviously, that's what I meant... - ed)

taylor has a son as well, their new album is out in april
Taylor married a girl named Natalie, she was 3 months pregnant when they got married, they had a baby boy named Aziah a few months ago and the band are now recording another album due out in september 2003. they all have short brown hair now! and the "little one" (zac) is almost 18!
"Still touring and recording, relesed an album last year."
"their last single got to number 15 their 3rd album didn't do too well they were suppost to be releasing a second song from it but never came out that was 9 months ago."
"The middle one (Taylor) just got married at age 19."
"just heard that Taylor got married, but i have no idea who the girl or what her name is"
"working on their new album, and editing their documentary... Taylor got married...to a girl!"