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What 3t used to look like

Errr.... Who? Michael Jackson's nephew boy-band

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Don't count on it; I don't think these guys are popular enough in the UK; besides I assume they may not appreciate nor care about their UK fans as much. I'm not hating here but I doubt they will come back to the UK. Good luck IF they do!
Cmon 3t ok you announced Italy and Paris you have done Amsterdam what about the uk??
Happy 2018 PPL! :D I've been here for 2 years now & enjoy the comments & posts. :)
Taryll and Breana might as well sell their soul to the Devil!!
Does anyone know if 3t are likely to do a gig in the uk in 2018 ???

I know they are doing Italy and paris, just hoping for any uk gig?!

And I have to agree with the last persons comments I think we all get played by taryll and breana I think they do it all for the money and they know it would get people talking etc just like this and the tv shows will make them money too.
If they were going to end it would have been a long time ago..... I think taryll and breana are for life!!
Just for you crazy fan girls I'm not Breana and if you just look up her twitter from 2012 she was all sweetness and light, I think they are both liars and are only doing this bs with their relationship being horrible to make money 💰 Here's an example if a tweet just from 2012. You girls are chumps
#TaryllJackson thank you so much honey... How could i live without your love? I am so happy to have you close to me. I will always love you.

You protect us so much... Thank you for being who you are with us, thank you for your love Taryll. #TaryllJackson

Look up Breana Cabral on twitter with the pic of her and Taryll in the car. You all are getting played. It's reality tv but not reality.
Getting privacy
I wanted to say this for the fans who were hurt by the latest Instagram shananigans. I’ve come to expect it, especially this time of year. Ppl, sometimes you have to seek out better role models & ppl you can admire. Some ppl are stuck in negativity & that can effect you. Like the saying goes, watch a person’s actions so you’ll never be fooled by their words. I also want to encourage ppl to make positive changes in their own life. You can also choose not to support $$$ ppl who you feel disrespect you. While some ppl are trying to show off, what they fail to consider is that they may be biting the hands that feed them. Again, I’m not impressed; maybe if ppl could support their family on their own I would be. There are better, more positive & stable role models out there who can help bring more positive energy into your life. You also have to set boundaries too; someone else’s misery that they choose to stay in does not have to become yours.
@ Getting Privacy:

IMO, there’s nothing wrong w/admiring celebs, etc. as long as you’re realistic about it. A person should have their own life & work to make any improvements needed. I think most ppl understand that the entertainment game is all a hustle. The fans are paying for an image, services, what have you & this is what entertainers have chose to do for a living. So I don’t feel there’s too many illusions about that. But I will say that the Jackson image, IMO, is not what it seems.

The only loser I see is Breana. In many forums, she’s referred to as “Golddigger Fail”. From other celeb relationships that have ended that I’ve observed, the person who was involved w/the celeb walked away w/something to show-home(s), alimony/child support, a business, etc. With Breana, this clearly will not be the case. For the fans who have their own house & job, they are already better off than Breana. Gotta put Taryll on the losing end too. For someone of his background, he should have found & been capable of pulling a much better mate. As it has been said before, it seems Breana is a serious step down from his previous gfs. I do agree that a false image of their relationship is being portrayed. Sometimes pictures are just pictures.

For the fans in the know, I doubt they're jealous of Breana. Personally, a person who I admire & could be jealous of is Shana Mangatal, (slightly off topic). I admire the fact that at a young age, she left home to pursue her dream in the entertainment biz. She actually EARNED IT. She GOT A JOB in the industry & made her own connections/contacts through her WORK. She actually has SKILLS & made them WORK. Although I don't know if I like her as a person, lol, but I admire that she made it happen HERSELF.
We all have a lot of bad things to say about Taryll and Breana because of what the audience have seen on fix my life and the next generation but I don't think the other two and probably their spouses are any better.

I agree 3t fans are real suckers who don't have better things to do than leeching onto these guys lives and still can't accept the fact these guys were taken along time ago.

Maybe Taryll's two brothers have more faults to hide from the media (including social media) than he does but the fans don't want to believe it.
I'm referring to Taryll. You all act like you know someone you've never even hung out with. It's hysterical. You think people's show personality is the same in private? U tripping. Be your own fan. and stop trying to live your life through celebrities. It's sad. He will never leave her and u sad fans will be trailing after him. But she's mean to you.....
Clearly if he was going to kick her out for one of you losers he would have already.
Getting Privacy
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