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Errr.... Who? Sang 'Ooh Ahh Just a Little Bit'

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Gina's new single "Tonight's The Night" is released on Oct 2nd. She is currently over here from L.A. to promote the single and album. She was a guest on my radio show this morning
Kev Castle
she has a new single 'tonights the night' out next month
Saw her at the GLBT expo and theres a performance tonight at Splash in nyc (Todays 3/26 2006)
Gina g fan
www.ginag.net www.ginag.com both offical sights

shes been to swansea and cardiff gay prides last october, she has a new single this year thonights the night taken from the new albun get up and dance the reissued web album with a full relsease

Gina has released a new album this year - only available from www.ginag.net. She was rumoured to be releasing a single autumn 2005 time. thats past so who knows!?
she tried to compete for the uk in the eurovision song contest in 2005..... but failed to do so cos she was rubbish
roland bonio III
She is up for the song for europe 2005.
Release a song in Australia - Heaven/Ooh...Aah...Just A Little Bit 2004 and worked on some tracks on the Soda Club album
Stephen Marston
I saw her on "The Salon" a while back getting her hair done on telly.
she appeared in the spoof "dale's wedding" on bbc3 as herself. she was supposed to have been his former girlfriend
edam hussain
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