What Happened To Geoffrey from Rainbow?

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Errr.... Who?

Man from the kid's TV show

This is what they are doing now...

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Geoffrey, along with Rod, Jane and Freddie, made a very risque short clip on the rainbow set, which can be viewed on youtube. It is jam packed with carry on film type sexual innuendos.
There is an online petition to get Geoffrey included in the New Years honours list: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/honourgeoffrey/
Note to Katy Ingram! Nearlly every has-been was in the Amarillo video with Peter Kay
Chris B
We were picked up by Geoffrey in his taxi from a hotel in Shepperton-upon-Thames last week.
Stevie D
He is in the video for "(Is This The Way To) Amarillo?" with Peter Kay. The single has been No.1 for the past 7 weeks
Katy Ingram
Mr Geoffrey Hayes is currently starring in "Everything I Know About Men" for the BBC. He stars alongside Jessica Stevenson (The Royal Family, Spaced), and it is written by Fred Barron.
David Eddington
"After he lost his job with the rainbow show, I think he did another short-lived Kids TV show, which floped. He has tried not to be bitter, but lost a lot of money and ended up working as a self-stacker in his local Safeway. He now drives taxi cabs for a living, and is always reconised by his passangers."
Adam Wells
"saying he is now a taxi driver in a pension advert on the television."
"saw him at utopia nightclub in Reading last Friday with the rest of the rainbow crew. It was a class night!!!!!"
"Geofrey Hayes is performing a one man stand up show at The Edinburgh Festival, August 2002, all about the end of Rainbow and what he's being doing since."