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Errr.... Who?

Boy-band from the 90's

This is what they are doing now...

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i agree, they are not the same without robbie. They are ten times better. At least you can see them on stage, now.Without robbies huge head in the way. Mind you, he has a huge everything , so he keeps saying. I heard different......huge bank account , yes
i didn't know mark had a 14 y.o. daughter..i don't think..take that have been nominated for 4 brit awards..
take that started the tour on the 11th october !! it continues to 23rd december
does any1 know if mark owen has 14 year old daughter coz ppl seem 2 think he does but i dont know !!
markiee fan
i have heard mark owen is getting married to his long term girlfriend. also he has a little boy. congrats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
No the person who said they are not the same without Rob was correct.
R. Williams
Yes, TT have reformed, topped the charts yet again and are without their one time member Bob Williams. The person who said TT are not the same without Robbie was right on the money... they are not the same, they are much better!
Have just won a Brit...haven't they? And got a new song out Shine....they r not the same without Robbie...
Take That reformed and went touring and had a number 1 hit with patience from there new album Beautiful world :)
Soooo I guess they're not ex- stars anymore..
Nr 1 in the UK single chart
Nr 1 in the UK download chart
Nr 1 in the UK DVD chart
Nr 1 in the UK album chart..

And climbing the charts everywhere else in Europe!
Mark has had a little boy called Elwood with his girlfriend Emma :) Howard has 2 daughters, Grace and Lola who have different mums. His current girlfriend is Marie, mother of Lola. Gary has a son and a daughter with his dancer wife, Dawn, who danced on their recent tour. Jason has no children and is apparently, currently single. And no-one knows what Robbie Williams is up to...
bet anyone who wants to know about them knows this now.. have just signed a new record deal to release at least another album
Just to update things even more, Mark will be a dad for the 1st time very soon. His gf Emma is heavily pregnant. TT were great in concert btw, I travelled all the way from Australia to see them.
Touring later this year (2006) and being supported by the Sugababes (with their new member Amelle Berrabah, who replaced Mutya a few weeks ago) The Take That tour sold out in 6 hours. The second fastest selling tour in British history, only narrowly beaten by...Robbie Williams, ironically!
Take That are now back together and touring minus Robbie Williams......
They've reformed! Gary, Mark, Howard and Jason are on tour next year. Unfortunately Robbie won't be joining them, but I suppose that's the problem with being an internationally famous star! No point in tryin to get tickets for any of the shows though. They sold out within 30 minutes of going on sale!
Katy Ingram
They're coming back for a tour in 2006 without Robbie. Hell yeah! I am so going to be there! And this time it's official, no more rumours, they've announced it themselves! :D
MArk Owen 2005 Has plans for a new Album released 28th March A U.K Tour 24th March.

So no he has not dissapered.

Check Out: www.markowenofficial.com

Mark is absolutetly fab: You should really give him a whirl. His new album is out on 28th march 2005. Problem is he's always being compared to Robbie, and their nothing alike at all.
Mark Owen is a solo singer, saw him in the summer he was great !!!!!!!!!
Mark is currently in LA recording his new album which is yet to be named. Its almost finished and am really looking forward to the release of his next single, "Believe in the Bogie" which should be released in the not to distant future.

Cant wait to hear both of them and if the last album is anything to go by it will be amazing.

robbie williams is still selling singles n mark owen is meant to be releasin another single soon.
Mark lives in a beautiful house in Leck near Kirkby Lonsdale, which is surrounded by high walls and gates. He also comes into the pub where i work and drinks white wine!!!
Jackie, Lancashire
My partner James was stood next to Howard in 'Yak' funky clothes shop in Lincoln a couple of months ago. He took great delight in telling me as I was down the road in a different shop trying clothes on! I guess I'm never destined to meet one of Take That but at least my partner and baby daughter now has! Apparently Howard was djing in Po Na Na's in Lincoln.
Jason's very happy studying at university, Howard's DJing, mostly in germany and the uk, mark has his own record label now and Gary is part of a writing duo for artist like donny osmond, blue, atomic kitten and erm whatshername her from neighbours but not the kiss kiss one...

anyway there is a show being aired on channel 4 easter sunday(2004) called the truth about take that

Hi all,

It was announced yesterday that Mark Owen has created his own label (Sedna Records), his next single ("Makin' Out" to be released at the end of May) has been produced with that label. So it is a new start!
Mark is releasing a new single called "Makin' Out" at the end of May 2004 - hurrah!
Well everyone has failed to recognize that Robbie has become a megastar and has outshined the lot of them. Also Mark just released his new album, and not bad I must say!

(I think everyone just assumed that everyone knew that anyway - ed)

Lors, Canada
Mark is now very back with his 2nd album and its mighty fine too!!! HOORAY!!!!! I saw Howard with wife and child in Marks and spencers in Bournemouth so theres a good chance that he does live down there!!!

Lets hope Mark makes it this timexx

"mark is relaxing on his royaties he earnt in Take That. Plans for a second solo album were rejected by his record company."
"Heard Mark's a DJ in a gay-club in Manchester"
"Mark lives in Caton, near Lancaster! He's often seen in the clubs around Lancaster and steals groups of girls off people in his 4x4... argh.. God knows where he takes them."
Craig Laycock
"Regularly seen trying to chat up my friends in China White club in Piccadilly!!!"
"Living in Leck, near Kirkby Lonsdale in Cumbria, and can be seen playing football for the local team and drinking in pubs in Kirkby. Still looks as yum as ever!!"
"He was dating my friends next door neighbour (a girl) who lives in Sheperds Well, near Dover in Kent. I found this out about 6 months ago though!"
"I know for a fact that Mark Owen DOES live in Kirkby Lonsdale (in Cumbria) and that he shops at the new Booths supermarket. (As does the drummer from Travis but I don't know his name). Hope I've set all you that didn't know straight! (no offence)"
Jenn Hosker
"There is a movie with him coming up in 2002. It is called Lullaby of Clubland and is "an acid trip turning into frenzy and violence""
"He was offered a part in coronation street but turned it down coz it was not up to his standards!"
"I get the feeling I saw one of those 'I love the 90s' programs, and Jason was living in the countryside..somewhere, doing something random and nothing whatsoever to do with music. Or being a celebrity in any way. Because, lets face it, is he still a celeb? Hell, no. Was he ever? I wish to god not...."
"Jason is now an actor in a drama series in the UK. He plays a DJ"
"Jason is now running a curry/indian restaurant in Manchester"
"jason dj's sometimes in a club in liverpool!!!!!"
"Jason's remaining fans will be pleased to know that he is slowly but surely bedding them one by one, my children, your time will come."
"Jason's a decorator! he went back to his old job that he had before joining take that!"
"Now a small time DJ, Living in the Bournemouth area. Regular visitor of the 19th hole at Broadstone Golf Club"
"He was at a club in Dundee called the Mardi Gras doin a bit of DJn. Unfortunately I was unable to make it to see him I havn't been able to stop crying since!!!"
"Howard was in my local pub on Christmas day with his girlfriend Victoria! He lives near Crewe and he used to rent videos from me!"
"He souldn't be in EX-celebs cos he has a great DJ career esp.in Germany! He has a daughter with Victoria and will probably mix something in future!"
"He recently dj'd at Garlands in Liverpool & at Bliss in Southport.... Careers going well then."
"He dj'd at a club called the waterfront in Hull. I only realised it was him when I my friend said 'this is shit request some good songs' I went to the dj box and there he was. There was about 3 girls wearing Take That t-shirts but no else really payed him any attention."
"Todays Sun (18 Apr) in the bizarre column has him doing the rounds at Butlins camps at 1000 for a 1 hour set. Can't be too bad but they're making him play loads of Take That. Poor bloke, like he wants to be reminded!"
"Howard now has a new manager called Emma-Jane and she gets him lots of work in Germany, he is here every week DJ'ing at the best clubs."
"Howard is now a funky house DJ playing all over the world. He broke up with Victoria after dumping her for a German Student called Maria."
"After Take That split Gary had 2 number 1s with "Love won't wait" and "Forever Love" and some other hit's with "For All That You want", "Open Road" etc. Now he is wrighting songs for others, Gloria Esterfan is gonna cut some of his songs and he wrote a track on Blue's debut album."
"Gary is still writing - he has is married to Dawn and they have 2 kids a girl and a boy."
"Since Take That split up, Gary has had 2 number 1 singles, and a couple of other hits from the album 'Open Road'. His second album '12 months 11 days' flopped.

Since then, he has written songs for pop acts such as Blue. On January 12th 2000 he married his long-term girlfriend Dawn, and if recent reports are true, they have 2 children: Daniel (born August 2000), and Emily (born June 2002?)"