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What Happened To Eiffel 65?

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Errr.... Who? Sang 'Blue'

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Eiffel 65 I'm Blue was the best song ever!
The way I found the song was I was on YouTube of Sonic the Hedgehog and I love to draw with the song meanings!
I showed it to my mom and she said the song came out when she was in High School.
It's been my favorite ever so far!♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️️❤️️💋
I really dont know if the rumors are true but to me the song does not say In Aberedeen i will die, or those other ones to me it says Im in need of a dye. Thx for your time

Antrax Dilo
Ok. Some has been putting that the guy that wrote Blue killed himself, Well hate to break it to ya no i didn't. So quit talking crap. thank you.
D Pertell
Scope Records
David Pertell
No one in the band committed suicide. The guy that wrote the song committed suicide. It doesn't say "da ba dee da ba die" or "If I were green, I will die." I heard "In Aberdeen I will die" and "I will bleed, I will die," but I can't tell what it is because his voice is so autotuned. D:
The singer from Eiffel 65 is not dead and Eiffel 65 just got back together go to their website and look.
old snake
I think they got back together now. I went on Wikipedia and looked them up and it said 2010-present. And thats just retarded to say that the singer died. He's too smart to do that. If you thought that I hope someone make a nasty rumor about YOU one day, 'cause that was so uncalled for ok?
I would hear this all the time as a baby but when my father died when i was 10 that song made me cry
the lead singer of eiffel 65 is still alive and the lyrics from (BLUE) does not say anything related to killing himself or being gay those are just retarded rumors
you guys are all stupid the ones that say the singer is dead. Eiffel 65 broke up in 2005 because Gabry Ponte (the DJ in Eiffel 65) wanted to do a solo career and not with the group. the singer and the keyboard player made a new group after that which is now called bloom 06.
Why would the main singer want to commit sucide? He was a singer and this song brings me back memories but know it makes me sad because he's dead
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