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What Happened To Dean Measor?

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Errr.... Who? Starred as champion Jockey Joe Byrnes in the movie "Horseplay" and as Heikki in "Neighbours"

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please consider coming out of forced retirement dean.
you are missed by a small yet extremely loyal group of good people who like and respect you.
love and peace to you.
I knew him for a brief period of time when he use to come into the local paper shop where I worked in South East London. He was rehearsing for a panto up north in Sheffield or somewhere near there and he was rehearsing in the East End of London. He use to come into the shop and buy the paper every morning and he always had a hot cup of tea in his hand and a big smile on his face. I remember he had lovely white teeth and a real beautiful sun tan. He would always say a big hello and he would always ask about me and my family and especially my grandad who was very sick at the time and in the hospital just up the road.
He was a very kind and nice man and real genuine actually.
Fond memories and I wish him all the very best of luck and health.
Thank you,
Dean is still around and he hasn't gone anywhere. He's just taking a break from acting and performing at present and he has plans to return to the entertainment industry in the near future. Although a very proud Brit, he is currently residing in Australia.
Dean Measor was brilliant in the movies Body Melt as the voice of Beauville and in Horseplay playing Joe Byrnes. He has so much natural talent and huge potential. He won three class awards at college and graduated at the final passing out parade with the best actor and most popular actor awards. Apart from a few brief and small moments of clarity and direction, his career has been totally compromised due to very serious ongoing poor health issues.
Dane Angels
He did do the feature documentary "Commedia dell'Arte: The Story The Style", in which he played Puck. That was released in 2005 and again in 2007. A brilliant piece of documentary film making.
If he can ever get well enough, he has hopes to one day make some kind of an acting comeback in some kind of capacity.
He currently resides in Australia with his Hungarian wife.
Extremely poor health. Born in Brighton, Sussex, England. Actor, musician, singer, drummer, artist and illustrator.
Man From Milan
Dean's acting range and talent remains totally untapped and unexplored. A mixture of Jack Wild, Leonard Whiting, Andy Serkis, Robin Stewart, David Jason and Richard O'Sullivan. Because of his poor health we probably won't get to see him act much more in the future. It's a total shame. He's pretty dam good at different character voices and accents too.
He is in very poor health and in no state to work as actor.
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