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Dd was great at q107 in Toronto, very funny, great thick Scottish brogue, sorry to hear he left' cracked me up with his story of having to use a t shirt in an emergency as a pair of underwear, too funny
What's that guy talking about biotry?? In this day and when we can't say Merry Christmas, have a Christmas party, send Christmas cards or Christmas tree. Wake up! We miss you in Toronto, Dominic
Dominik is in Halifax NS @ 96.5 doing the morning show. Should have replaced Derringer at Q!!
Dominik was the BEST on Q107 - where has he gone he made the night show and was a great standin for the morning - I truly miss him - please find out where he went. Miss him lots, great jokes and the accent is wonderful.
Linda Waterfield
Just read his book "Tales from the jungle" and thought it was absolutely brilliant, and a terrific read.
It's also a very sad but true story which proves Scotland still has a major problem with bigotry, which as big Dom tells in his book he didn't know how bad until returning home after a bit of fun on his telly and radio shows.
Anyway you're always welcome back big man and it would be great to have a beer in the clockwork or Heraghty's although you might still need to remember your running shoes because as you're now aware being in Glesga in the wrong place at the wrong time can still get scary.
bill greene
I stopped listening to Q107 after 30+ yrs when Domenic Diamond started. What an idiot.
Why not get a radio announcer with a thick indian, portuguese, greek or afgan accent?
Stupid jokes and stories. ANNOYING!!
The big D has just started work at Q107 Toronto, i will give him time to settle in but so far not very funny.
ken parr
I only listened to CKBW when Dominic was on. He's absolutely marvellous!!! Too bad they didn't realize what they had. Thank God for Q104.
Dominic was doing afternoons on CKBW in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia and he was brilliant. Apparently said something that offended the New Brunswick owners and suddenly he's gone and I don't listen to CKBW anymore - too dull without him!!!!
I just heard him this past weekend and last night on Q104 (Halifax, Nova Scotia) and he's HI-LARIOUS! He said he was...ummm...some word that sounded like knackered and had the same definition because it was "beer-a-palooza" at his house Sunday night. At 2am, he was saying to his wife "I jssst luv Q104. Itsss the besssst rdio sssstation evr!" (my trying to immitate drunk speach in type). Anywho, he said he was going on about Q104 to his wife for a little while before he realized that his wife had gone to bed 2 HOURS ago.

I had a good laugh at that one. I'm definitely glad Q104 picked this guy up.
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