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Errr.... Who? Played Swiftnick alongside Richard O'Sullivans Dick Turpin

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No infoe..he was always my mate..hope your.well big rock.wink..
albie..windsor hells angels
At the other end of Michael's career, I was trying to confirm if it was indeed him who appeared in a 1974 Tomorrow People story called A Rift In Time, where he played a non-speaking extra, a young gladiator boy? Quite clearly seen in quite a few scenes but just wanted to know for certain... thanks!
I lived in Maidenhead in 1975 & 76... I met Michael through his Brother Graham who was teaching with my then husband Phil.... I am wanting to contact Graham and Diana..... if anyone can put me in contact I would be grateful..... Yvonne
Yvonne Howard from South Australua
He was brought up in Maidenhead...lived at No 9 Lees Close. He had an elder brother (Graham) and his folks were June & Gerry Deeks. Michael was/is a big music fan and loved amongst many others, Rory Gallagher . Was educated at Reading Blue Coat School and Licensed Victuallers in Slough. I grew up in the same street and knew him for 20 years until about 1985. Don't what happened but hope he's doing OK.
Merv 451
I was an extra in Dick Turpin in 1979, with Mary Crosby, Michael Deeks and Oliver Tobias, it was a long and tiring 4 days but very enjoyable and at the end we all went to the Barge Inn in Bradford on Avon for a evenings drink. Richard O'Sullivan was drinking White Wine and Lemonade.
Bud Derrick
Have pics of him when he was filming in colney heath (herts) the cast came into the local pub for lunch. Great guy Mickey, very friendly as was rest of cast (Richard O'Sullivan Oliver Tobias to name a couple). This would have been some 35 plus years ago
I adored the show and Loved Michael as Swift Nick, so much so I wrote to Jim'll Fix It twice to get the chance to ride with him as I thought he was a great looking horseman!
Never even got an answer, quite relieved about that now. :o(
I knew Mickey when I was 16 and living in Cookham/ Maidenhead. He was then, and probably still is a warm, honest, funny, and lovely human being. I bumped into him some years later at a tube station in London. I told him I missed him then and if I had the chance I'd tell him the same thing now. God bless mate.
Stuart Lovett
I am one of maries children and i am gobsmaked that some of these comments are over the internet, its none of ur business whats happening and some of u need to get ur facts right marie hasnt got a 22 month son as thats because its my sister ur talking about! what ever my mum has told u shouldnt be expolited over the internet this is a page for michael my old step dad, so please will people stop putting stuff over the internet! I found this when i was a lot younger and it had me in pieces and why is so much stuff about my younger brother on here! whats happening with him has nothing to do with any of you! unless ur part of my family which ur not the only person that may or may not have commented that has a right to should be sam, but for everyone else stick ur noses out of my familys business!!

And to the people that only commented regarding michael im not going to put anything apart from hes doing well and will let him know u asked about him..

So unless u hve something nice to say about michael dont comment because its not fair on my brothers and sisters that their privacy is being exploited on the internet!! and its unfair for if they was to ever see this or read some of the comments that has been put about my mum, they are very lucky they never had to read some of the disgusting things that i had to read when i was little! give a little respect to the children please!!!! as none of you had any thought about us why exploiting personal information over the internet!! its an invasion of privacy!! if u have a problem with my mum then deal with it with her not doing it so me and my siblings can see it or know about it!

Now I do not want to see another comment about any of my siblings or my mum or anything thats to do with anything that happened between my mum and michael if u have any respect because even if u dont like my mum thats not fair on us kids or michael to hve to read this!!! I hope now u can have some respect for my siblings!!!

p.s can please people understand i do not want broadcast my name because i would like some privacy but i had to stick up for my family especially my siblings!!
protecting my siblings!
No info, although would like to know what has happened to Mr Deeks since his disappearance from our screens!! I'm only concerned that none of you can spell properly lol....
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