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Errr.... Who? Rapper

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He is on a Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri show 'Celebrity Cook-Off' 2012
I heard he was in Rehab, getting laid like every f*ckin' day. Word to that Mother.

Jacob Sayraf
Snake Brains
He was on "Get over it", a movie with Kirsten Dunst
they say - he was ejected from the comeback show cuz he was beatin up one of the judges for criticizin his style... he emptied a glass into the judges face - actually pretty cool scene you guys should've seen the expression on that mans face - too bad that Cuul didn't won the show...
Coolio supportaahh
In September 2005, he signed a worldwide record contract for three albums with Subside Records of the Italian producer Giovanni Giorgilli. Vanni G, as he is better known in the Italian dance scene, will be Coolio's new manager and producer. The first collaboration is "Gangsta Walk" featuring Snoop Dogg. The new album "The Return of the Gangsta" will be released sometime in 2006.
He is sill very much alive and rappin!!!
he played strathclyde union the other week...
scandinavian leather
He will be performing at Loughborough Students Union on 6th of May. I'm guessing they'll b a poor turnout seeing as the Athletic Union Annual Ball will be on at the same time!
Lufbra Dan
he is performin at Hull uni next week!
Yo folks... Coolio is still alive and rapping!
Wasn't he pimping it out on Kenan and Kel? Sang the intro song, which i must say was kinda shit. but minor. For being such a dork he made his money!
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