What Happened To Christopher Ryan?

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Errr.... Who?

Mike in "The Young Ones"

This is what they are doing now...

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He didnít play saffyís father in absolutely fabulous - he played sergeís father, Edinaís first child, who kept away from her, was found working in a bookshop in America, with his gay lover
Beverley Fox
I just saw him buying some veg in marks and Spencerís. As a 54 year old young ones fan it was a treat.
He had a cameo in the 2010 Doctor Who episode "The Pandorica Opens" as Commander Stark, a Sontaran who was part of the Alliance that came together to defeat the Doctor.
Katy Ingram
chris also starred in only fools and horses as one of the driscol brothers.he also starred in the jennifer saunders comedy about a daytime trisha type programme.
He has been confirmed as a guest actor in Doctor Who Series Four alongside David Tennant and Catherine Tate. He will play the Sontaran leader.
Katy Ingram
Christopher Ryan has appeared fairly regularly on tv in the UK over the past 20 years since the young ones. He has mostly been a bit player in various episodes of tv comedys such as The Lenny Henry Show and One Foot in the Grave. However in 2001 he got a regular recurring character in Absolutely Fabulous appearing as Saffys father more often. His first appearance on the show was in 1992.