What Happened To "Sweet Valley High" sisters?

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Errr.... Who?

Starred in Sweet Valley High

This is what they are doing now...

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Brittany Daniel was the one who played Jessica Wakefield in Sweet Valley High. After doing SVH, she made guest appearances in shows such as "Dawson's Creek", "That 70's Show", "It's Always Sunniy in Philadelphia", etc. She also made movies such as "Joe Dirt", "White Chicks", "Little Man" and at the indie films like "Loveless in Los Angeles" and "Last of the Romantics". She now plays Kelly Pitts at the show "The Game", which has been picked up by BET.

Cynthia Daniel, who played Elizabeth Wakefield, quit acting after SVH. She is now a photographer. She married actor Cole Hauser and has 2 children, Ryland and Colt Daniel Hauser
One of the girls is on the HIT show The Game. She plays the bubblely, heavy wine drinking, very witty, trophy wife of the starring quarterback. Great show!
Jessica was on that 70's show a while ago as eric's cousin who tried to get back at him
Brittney Daniels also starred in the movie "Joe Dirt"
I recently just did a movie with Britney Daniels. It is called "Totally Awesome" and it came out and went straight to video early December
One of them, I think it was the same one that was in Dawson's Creek, was the star of Broken Lizard's Club Dread!
They got their nuts out in the Basketball diarys, or at least on of them did. Can still be found popping up on the evil that is Trouble in random American shite.
the badger
One of the sisters was in Dawson's Creek. I think it was brittany
One of them was in the film 'White Chicks'
ah - don't ask why but was looking up these guys on IMBD the other day. It seems the one who played elizabeth didn't really do much acting post-SVH. But Jessica (Brittany Daniels - may be spelt wrongly!) has continued acting, been in a few films etc