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Errr.... Who? All-sister English girl-group

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Yonah teaches evening dance classes that my 3 kids have joined during the summer holidays, around East Manchester area. (july 2010)
they were in last year the show pop goes the band on living tv
julie e
i know them girls and some of what you have put is true and false.

the girls have just signed a management deal and are planning very big things for the end of this year 09 and 2010, i have heard and seen for myself how in demand these girls are.

the girls looked amazing when they came down to london few weeks back at the embassy club and wow.......they where hot.

the whispers in the court yard are getting louder ppl

zainam is currently single....yes!
she is also known as angel for her solo stuff also on youtube

cleo is a milf and i've heard shes on the market aswell she have vids on youtube

yonah has a sexy marine as a boyfriend and has two videos out on youtube but the second one is on its way

believe in me ppl i have the goss at my finger tips..

cleopatra comin atcha 09 and forever
So in the know
Yonah is currently working for Oral-B promoting their toothbrushes in Boots, and the band is planning a comeback for this year (2008).
its pushed back to the 24th of september but you can download it now or text cleo to 78789
Her single Feelin' Like This has been pushed back to September 10th
cleo is releasing her firs solo single on august 20th 2007!
dave baker
How did she see her on a train if she was at Uni? Did she speak to her?
My mate CLAIMS she saw Cleo on the train from Manchester the other day when she was at uni...
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