What Happened To Bradley (S-Club 7)?

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Errr.... Who?

One of the male members of pop group S Club 7

This is what they are doing now...

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Bradders did a dj set in Oxford, whipping out a few S club numbers, then I invited him back to my room with a few friends. He was well up for a college party and wanted pizza but only had ten quid on him so I ended up ordering and paying for it then he demolished it all by himself in about 5 minutes flat!

He also said he hated all the other members of S Club!!

I personally think the S club magic's kind of faded now I'm no longer 4 foot but he's still an unimpressive 5 foot 4, aged 30 and sporting a rather 'rounded' figure.
Unimpressed Oxford Student
He took 2 of my female friends back to his chalet in Butlins to do drugs with him and Paul. Apparently he's a nice lad, down to earth etc.
saw him in a club one night and he offered for me and my friends to go back to his hotel with his friends and do coke with him
sophie bues
He lives near Wallington in London and is a drug dealer.
A bit of me linked with my childhood died when I heard this.
Did some dodgy djing with Paul at Winchester su Xmas 2007 then came back to our house for a houseparty!
He sang at the Queen Margaret Union, at the University of Glasgow for freshers week 09 along with Jo. Wooo Cheesy pop
he plays in butlins now as a three peace with sclub saw him in butlins in june was fab sang all there hits was great jo was there and paul
He has some various solo tracks on Youtube, his best track being a club type song with Robbie Glover
Upper Street have split just days after their first single (which I saw no promotion for whatsoever...) scraped into the charts at Number 40!!!
Katy Ingram
hes in that crap band with loads of other boy band drop outs!!
After leaving the mighty SCLUB bradley went on to produce and write for various artists. Currently starring in MTVS totally Boyband, alongside Dane form another level, Jimmy from 911 and some dude from new kids on the block. who are now themselves a boyband - "upperstreet" whose debut single is out v.soon!
Currently taking part in MTV's 'Totally Boyband'.
He took part in Celebrity Boxing for Sport Relief. Don't know if he won or not cos I didn't stay awake long enough to see that bit!
Katy Ingram
he's recently performed at Birmingham Uni, few classic s-club tracks and some new stuff, that he's going to be releasing
Mr Man