What Happened To Dane Guiden?

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Errr.... Who?

He was in a Irish boyband called D-side for around 5 years before splitting from them in June 2005

This is what they are doing now...

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Dane comes in almost every morning to Pichet Restaurant for his coffee...
Dane(Damo) Is one of the nicest guys u could meet. I had the plesure to work with him in Tommy hill, And he's a great guy. Dont reli talk much any more as I left but hey damo if u read this get in touch. we had some laughs.
Keith smyth
i love dane guiden i know him and the rest of the boys from dside i hope dane does a show in dulbil so i will go
helen keogh
Hey dane its ur cuz and if u dnt belive me my nan Mary Guiden married 2 Paddy odunuge they live in swords
Patrick odunuge /R-K
Dane....is back.....


Edge Avenue
I work with him. He's a ride!
Gillian Ayres
I have seen him in tommy hilfiger in drogheda. He has always been very nice to me when I go into the shop, i think he looks yummy !!!
dane real name is damien he works in tommy hilfiger in liffey valley he used work in drogeada but now in liffey valley .. he lives in coolock with his parents and sister. he can be found out swords every saturday and liz deelenys beside northside on a saturday.. one of his mates his a self made millionare and owns that pub one in crete spain and is set to open a super club in dublin where dane is to host over weekends.
damien guiden
Dane works in Tommy Hilfigger in Liffey Valley. He looks like a moany f**k!
He still works in Tommy Hilfiger except he manages an outlet of it in my hometown, drogheda, in Ireland
Heard lots of stories about what hes doin but never sure if any are true.
Dane if u read this we miss u get in touch!
Claire Notts!
[email protected]
Claire Notts
hes writing with Simon Webbe
erm....no.... she even said in her biography she didnt really like him that much!!!
he dated and cheated on jodie marsh!!!
OMG!!!! Thankyou soo much for not forgetting him!!! You guys are awesome!! You've made my fkn year!!!
he does some modelling work. D-side are still going tho and are very successful in Japan
He works in Tommy Hilfiger in Dublin now. I see him every day on my way to work. He's so small
He is due to be releasing a single some time soon tho unsure of whether it'll just be in ireland. also doing some promotional and tv work in UK.( more than likely in london) if i find any more info i shall inform you.
p.s Derek Moran now works as a shop boy in london so it looks like Dane did best to get out when he did.
Sire Git
he did a bungee jump for charity a couple of months after spliting and i think is trying to do t.v presenting