What Happened To Cher?

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Errr.... Who?

Plastic American Singer

This is what they are doing now...

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I hoped she would just go away. Forever.
Gary Marsh
No info from me just... I think she is awesome and looks great !!
she does the odd bit in the showbiz world, but she is very wealthy so she dosen't really need to keep making albums.
I think her and Madonna have some top secret fluid injected in them so they will never die. But yah, Cher's still around.
Saw Cher live in concert at the MGM Grand in Las vegas January 2004. She was excellent and the atmosphere was electric. KC and the Sunshine Band and The Village People supported her
I saw her yesterday she did'nt half look rough, perhaps she should give singing a rest - thats if she ever learns to sing!. otherwise she's fine.
trans formeter
She had a small part in the movie Agent Cody Banks.
She was in the movie 'Stuck on You', she had a smallish part as an actress in a failing series.
She is doing a farewell tour.
Katy Ingram
Met up wiv Cher last week in Maccy Dee's on the outer ring road in Birmingham. She said her fanny was itching and was doubtful she would ever reach number one in the UK again. I gave her a tube of Savlon and we agreed to meet next Tuesday in the Nags Head, Redditch. I'll keep you up to speed me duck. She's not looking well....
Liz McDonald
She hates her own voice. I dont know where i saw this, it was either Oprah or Entertainment Tonight! but she said "i love being on stage, the vibe is so great! but i dont wanna hear myself sing! why should i be punished for doing something i love to do?"
"The bitch is still around. You guys live in some safe, Cher-free box or what? Or is it just me, being haunted by her? 'Cause it seems she's always on tv. Or maybe that's just me, having a secret Cher-fetish. Ohmigod, I'm in love with Cher..*starts to cry* Why did I come to this site?? If I hadn't, *sob* I would never have found out I love Cher..Why, god, why must you punish me so?? *is led away by caring friends*"
"You wouldnt know it, but I think shes actually dead. The plastic surgeons just done a bloody jolly good job at making it LOOK like shes still amongst the living."
"Just put out a new cd was on rosie o donnell just this morning with her nasty blonde hair do -talking about how much she misses sonny"
x- cher fan
"She has a 2nd single coming from her latest album called 'song for the lonely'. news has it this might be her last ever single. (probably cause her latest album only got to number 46 in charts)"
"I just saw her about two months ago I guess...July was it? yeah....on that "VH-1 Divas Las Vegas" show? as usual...she looks as air-headed n dumb as a barbie doll."