What Happened To John Paul Young?

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Errr.... Who?

Sang "Yesterday's Hero", "The Painter", "I hate the Music" and "Love is in the air"

This is what they are doing now...

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Saw JPY in concert at Belmont 16s..Man has he still got it..Put on a great show..even at the age of 60..A true legend.
Melinda Orr
I went to JPY's gig at Joondalup WA last Thursday it was fantastic he still has it oh by the the way Sash haircut is fine and we all grow old one day he still has it
jpy's son has actually made it from lower grade rugby league in newcastle to now playing for first grade for the new south wales state of origin side
K Sims
JPY is currently living on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. He has a regular gig on Sydney radio and still makes many personal and guest appearances. Still sings, still tours as part of "Golden Oldies" shows. Son resides in Newcastle NSW and plays lower grade Rugby League for the Newcastle Knights.
Hasn't gone anywhere. Still occasionally pops up on TV here in Australia. Still sings his old songs.
John Paul Young is living in the hunter Region of NSW, Australia, i'm pretty sure. he does occasional crappy TV appearences on shows like 'dancing with the stars'. he's basically a boring, middle-aged man with a bad haircut and few prospects.