What Happened To Chloe Annett?

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Errr.... Who?

She played Kochanski in series 7 and 8 of Red Dwarf.

This is what they are doing now...

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I work in a small bistro in Angel, London. Chole and her friends came in for a meal 2 days ago and as I'm 35 I recognised her from Red Dwarf. I asked how life was, and if there were plans to return and she replied "Not since the penultimate episode of the last series have I spoken to anyone". "I did my bit, and there is closure"..... "Please leave us". We do get the odd person in time to time. But I did like her in it. Seems, no more.
Jonathan Topsoil
Is it true about the movie??? because what i heard was that they still planned to go ahead with the movie but they were still looking for finacial backing
Met her the other day in HMV! She's just had a baby. She was also in Doctors and Casualty last year! p.s. she is fit as!!!!!!!!!!
Another Chris
Shes currently making the Red Dwarf Movie with the rest of the cast, the movie is to be released 2006/07