What Happened To Eternal?

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Errr.... Who?

3 Piece English girl group that Louise Nurding was once in

This is what they are doing now...

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Sisters Easther and Vernie Bennett forced Kelle Bryan out of the band due to personal differences in 1998

Kelle went solo and released her debut solo single "Higher Than Heaven" in the Summer of 1999, reaching No14 on the charts

Meanwhile, Eternal carried on as a duo and released their sophomore self titled album that same year. the single "Whatcha Gonna Do" reached a poor No16, and the album failed to reach the top 40. EMI shortly dropped the girls from the label.

Eternal's popularity had been damaged by Kelle revealing the truth behind the split, which made Easther and Vernie look bad in the media.

Recently, Kelle and Easther had plans to have a mini Eternal reunion, with other acts like En Vogue, Boyz II Men and Dina Carroll, but the plans fell apart in 2006.

Vernie recently had her first child.

Kelle is now a long term presenter on late night ITV quiz show "Glitterball", and also was a runnerup on Love Island in 2006.
shane and esther got divorced
mad gaz
Kelle Bryan is on Love Island.
Katy Ingram
they split up and some got married.

louise married the football god (!?!) that is Jamie Redknapp.

Esther married Shane Lynch who was in Boyzone