What Happened To Mark Morrison?

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Errr.... Who?

Sang "Return of the Mack"

This is what they are doing now...

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I hope he will make a come back, he has a unique voice. :)
He is back were he started in Leicester (highfields) area drinking in local pubs trying to pull girls that r not not interested in him. I should know cause that's where i live
I went to see the big mack live years ago and he threw one of his chains into the crowd and hit some poor person on the head with it...thank god for St John's ambulance, that's all I can say...
One of my friends actually slept with him when he was doin gigs!! She go bkstage and well... the rest is history!!! pmsl!
He is performing around in England in October in The Arena Tour, other acts on the tour are Boyz 2 Men, Eternal, En Vouge, Dina Carroll and the guy from the Lighthouse Family. The concerts should be good so get on ticketmaster and grab yourself a ticket!!
I saw him about 4 years ago in London nightclub shouting out "LET ME THROUGH, IM THE BIG BAD MAC,LET ME THROUGH!!!!!!" do you think he said that when he enter the prison grounds???
I heard on Galaxy Manchester Radio (UK) that he has been working on new material which he plans to release mid 2006 in the UK
he was on the run from the police like a year ago.....dont know what he did or if they found him
He got so weighed down by his gold chains that when someone else went swiming at the prison swimming pool on his behalf - he drowned.
he got locked up