What Happened To Chris Evans?

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Errr.... Who?

English Ginger TV show host

This is what they are doing now...

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He's been confirmed as replacing Jeremy Clarkson as the lead host of Top Gear.
Katy Bateman
ha ha ha hes soooooo funny hes on radio 2 alright and WHO'S WITH ME
Areyon pye
Yeah's he's on Radio 2.....I like him...he's a good laugh
Jolly Fat Man
Sadly he's back on radio! On BBC Radio 2 FM.
He is presenting this year's (2006) Brit Awards next month after his "success" with last year's awards.
Katy Ingram
He is presenting a new show on ITV1 called OFI Sunday. It starts tomorrow (Sunday 20 November 2005) at 10.30pm, right after "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!"
Katy Ingram
He woz on comic relife or sumthing like that, and he and billie have split up so i suppose he is crying u c money don't buy luv
He presented a bit of Radio Aid, and also compered the Brit Awards earlier this month.
Katy Ingram
He bought my mate a pie. It was in Godalming or Aldershot or somewhere else in Surrey.
Chicken Wing
"Chris is currently producing 3 new shows under his ginger productions company. as far as i know 2 of the shows will be on channel 4 and one on channel 5."
Bryan Simpson
"As far as I know he's living in his Surrey home bumming about with his young wife Billie. A friend of mine saw them unloading shopping from their car outside their house somewhere on her Duke of Edinborough walk. I later saw him in Guildford High Street looking like a bit of a bum. He had some really baggy surfy wear on, a big pair of sungalsses, a big fishing hat and an acute case of ginger fuzz. Worst celebrity disguise Ive seen ever!!"
Ed Goodfellow