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Errr.... Who? The nerd from "Saved by the Bell"

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He also currently lives is Milwaukee, Wisconsin

he just recently was on a show in the US, call "Celebrity Fit Club", where he lost 30 pounds, but was a complete a-hole to his team mates and the people helping him lose the weight.

after watching how he treated everyone, and his promotion of his porno, ive almost stopped watching the saved by the bell reruns,, but zach is just too cute, and i cant keep away

bottom line...he a had filed bankruptcy a few years ago and is a low-life trying to make a living off of t-shirts he designed, and scraping whats left of his childstar years

according to Empire film magazine, he made a porno entitled Screehed..yes very disturbing, plz no one look into this any further..there's just somethings you should leave well well ALONE!
hes in some films this year hes in:

Job (2007) (V) (filming) (rumored) .... Father Mathew Richard Carlin

Hamlet A.D.D. (2007) (post-production) .... Bernardo

Our Feature Presentation (2007) (post-production) .... Mr. Renolds

he aint dead or anyfin he was on radio 1 bout a month ago and is doin a uni tour he was at loughborough doin a photo session fings the porno is true and was results of a poker game he takes part in (according to what he sed on radio 1 was with scott mills)
He isnt dead. There is currently a home porn video with him going round the internet.but Who wants to see that?
thats all false he died from a crack cocaine overdose 2 years ago
i heard he died of a drug overdoes is this true???
he came to my town in new jersey about two years ago for a christmas parade. i met him and got his autograph. he was really nice. i heard on the news that currently he is selling t-shirts to save his house.
He is now selling t-shirts with his character's name on it to save his house from being repossessed - he is also pursuing a stand-up career!!
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