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Errr.... Who?

Was in "Too Close For Comfort"

This is what they are doing now...

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I saw Lydia Cornell do standup comedy at the Warehouse in Marina del Rey and saw her in a movie and on Curb HBO. Lydia is GORGEOUS. More beautiful than in the 80s. She has been sober for 22 years and writes hilarious comedy. Check out her facebook page and website. Whoever that guy is that said she looks bad is her STALKER. that guy is in jail now.
Michael Steindel
I saw a picture of Lydia Cornell on a site on facebook OMG she doesn't look like the 80's Bombshell She looks like she got bombed I had to laugh, She had on a army retired hat. and more wrinkles then my dead grandmother. THE Years have not been good to her.
Mike from N.Y City
Lydia had one child and was a single parent for many years, when she was 47yrs old she met a single father of one they married for 8 years then divorced
Paula Tracey
Lydia Cornell recently starred in HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm; the Kelsey Grammer Bill Zucker Comedy Hour; "Cats Dancing on Jupiter" feature film with Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist), Keith Coogan, Richard Grieco) and has her own live TV show on Kelsey Grammer's new network.

She has been invited to contribute her writings to the INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM of PEACE which houses letters from Nobel Peace Laureate Mother Theresa; Maya Angelou and Sir Edmund Hilary.

AFI Best Actress nominee and Winner of the People's Choice Award, Lydia Cornell is an award winning writer, blogger, talk-show host, comedienne, author and teen mentor.
Lydia Cornell is 16 years sober and does public speaking on drug and alcohol recovery and Domestic violence.

She recently spoke at Texas A&M on overcoming Domestic violence after rescuing a woman from a predator and moving the woman into her home.

Lydia is at work on a new TV series and several humor books.
Max Mitchelson
Lydia is in two new indie films: DAMAGE DONE and 'LIVIN ON A PRAYER"

Too Close for Comfort Actress Lydia Cornell Interviews World Leaders, Presidential Candidates, And Pulitzer Prize Winners for New Radio Show

Fri May 23, 3:01 AM ET
Former star of the hit show Too Close for Comfort Lydia Cornell co-hosts new Las Vegas radio show about politics and celebrity, signs with renowned literary agency for upcoming books.

Lydia is an award-winning writer and has several books coming out. She also just co-starred with Larry David on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Her articles on Ann Coulter, published on BradBlog.com and in several newspapers can also be found on her Blog, which has been nominated for 2 2005 Koufax Awards. Check out www.lydiacornell.com
I saw a really funny movie Lydia wrote and starred in called "Venus Conspiracy". She also did a hilarious one-woman show last year. She is a great writer with a lot of spiritual wisdom -- and she looks gorgeous! -- better than she did on Too Close For Comfort. I saw her recently on the William Hung video doing improve with some other comic actors. I heard her on a live radio show and she said she's married with two sons and has a book and a series coming out.
Josh Golden