What Happened To Danielle Fischel ?

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Errr.... Who?

Topanga on Boy Meets World

This is what they are doing now...

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she hosts Soup on the Style Network
Cammpy soup
she got drunk and arrested. Another former young star gone bad
she got arrested for a DUI
Oh yeah just like to say my shoe collection is probably comparible with yours Danille except mine are all retro 80's basket ball shoes when I was growing up.
Craig Lucas
If she's single and likes tall tan white guys who play ball call me girl 416.880.0364
Craig Lucas
she is now working for the CIA as an undercover supermodel spy in a movie called When Good Girls Go Bad
She had a role in the 2004 movie 'Dorm Daze'. It was a major flop, and her acting was on-par with the terrible effort put into the movie.
She became my wife on January 12, 2004. She is incredibly hot. Her lips as big and soft as ever and her hair is down past her rear. To add to that she had lost 18 lbs.

She will be restarting her career with cameo apperances in TV shows and 2 new feature length deals wrapping in the comming monts. We will keep you posted.

she has recently undergone breast reduction procedures in Sacramento.
shes playing in the WNBA
she attends ithaca college
Danielle is coming out in the next National Lampoon movie called 'Dorm Daze', being released in theatres 9/26. Check out www.nationallampoon.com for more info