What Happened To N-tyce?

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Errr.... Who?

Had 5 top 20 hits including "Boom Boom"

This is what they are doing now...

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hey guys its Donna from N-tyce.... we are getting back together in the summer of this year (2011) we are re releasing "hey - dj" and working on a new album and we are currently signed to Innocent records.
They were signed to the infamous Telstar, home to Mis-Teeq, Craig David and the notorious Victoria Beckham.

Telstar were forced into administration when they spent too much of their budget on Beckham, and when she flopped, they ran out of cash, closed the label, and all their artists lost their homes, resulting in the Mis-Teeq split.

Slightly off topic lol. But I believe N-Tyce were dropped at the end of 1998 when their debut album failed to make an inpact on the charts.
Chantal is an heiress and works for her Dad's company. Her father is Sol Kerzner and she lives in London. Her eldest brother died in a helicopter crash last year.
If you go on youtube you can watch the video for telefunkin
william the bloody
N-Tyce were M'Chelle, Chantelle, Ario and Donna. They were quite popular, though were very much under the mighty Spice Girls shadow, they emerged when the Spice Girls were at the peak of their fame, thus it was hard for any girl group(All Saints and Eternal aside)to make it big. They clocked up 4 top twenty hits, the most notable being We Come To Part (#12) and Boom Boom (#18). They also had a debut album All Day Every Day.
Ive been looking on this site at the lee otter link if thats what its called on here,and hes even posted on it to defend himself from maliscious remarks.
So that brings me to post on here again to ask kindly N-TYCE if any of you may come appon this page or even if you know them in particular CHANTELLE PLS POST ON HERE.
William the bloody
any body know some more about them? which height they are? and some more info... how it can be that no one know...?
I too am shocked by this girl band who have amazingly dissapeared of the face of the planet and it was only the other day we were talking about crap bands from around 97/98 and where the bloody hell they had gone to and it seems all bands of this nature e.g aqua and bwitched cartoons ect after the millenium came around they where all forgotten and only exist in our teenage memories of yester year they have all gone to the big pop heaven and the only reminants of them are some poorly crapy small pics on google images and no mp3 and even today i searched hmv for them and they dont even supply it.

Lastly does any one know who the white girl in the bands called was it chantell? and has anyone know where to find pics of her she was fine!!!!!!!!!!!
William the bloody
Anybody know where I could find some pics of the girls?
N-tyce had a secret lab under the volcano in mt. st. helens....they had an evil visit from the japan drug dealers! all there music got blown to pieces, luckly they all made it out alive. They are still hidding under mt. st. helens to this very day, writing music lyrics for usher and other robots that take BILLIONS of our hard earned dollars (or our parents hard earned dollars),latly they have been letting off steam that the compress with a machine, trying to scare uss all away. AMERICA i tell you today that N-tyce is stil alive and writing music to this very day. Watch your backs america N-tyce is out to get your money!
Jack Lawson
i was wondering where are n-tyce the last song i heard from them were boom boom
Last thing I heard from them was that "telefunkin" song but that was about 6/7 years ago. They supported boyzone :) but thats it!! methinks!