What Happened To Solid Harmonie?

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Errr.... Who?

Had 3 top 20 singles including "I want you to want me"

This is what they are doing now...

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the girl from s club seven was not in solid harmonie .(Jo)
last i heard beki is a hair stylist elisa is back in usa working at her dads restaurant and mariama is touring with HONEYZ
dave baker
jo o'meara had 5 year success with s club 7 and is now embarking on a solo career
Melissa lives in Coventry, not far from me, she is due to get married, there was a competition in the local paper a while back to get your wedding paid for, she was in that competition but didn't win it.
Didn't mariama from solid harmonie go on to be in the Honeyz for a while when one of them left to run away with matthew marsden(!) and then when she finished with him they dropped her like a hot potato??!!
Nah same name, different song. First time i saw them was when they supported the Backstreet Boys in 97 when i was 12 and i just found a tape (so 90's) of 'i'll be there for you'. Fantastic!
I think they r really lovely and very cute band and im very sad because they stop singing now.I wish if i can find any videos or live performance for them in the net.:(((((
wasn't "I Want You To Want Me" a Cheap Trick song?