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Errr.... Who?

"Sam" from "Clarrissa Explains it All"

This is what they are doing now...

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I met him on a cruise in 2006. The unchained melody part is so true lol.
Great fun guy just lived too far. ;)
If you read this hi Sean.
California girl
I saw him in rehab when I went to visit a friend. He gained a lot of weight. Has pipe dreams of starting a band with Drake on guitar from Drake and Josh. Very sad.
No real info, just wanted to say what's up if my old friend Sean is actually reading this. F*ck everyone who says he's "on the bottle" and other bullsh*t. Haven't seen the guy in a dozen years or more but I can say that he had his shit more together when we were all 16 than most people do at 30. Sean - good luck to ya, look me up on FB if you want. Jen from Lake Brantley...
Uzi Jen
Sean has continued his training in the performance arts, studying with Yvonne Suhor at Arts Sake Acting Studio, training in dance and vocal lessons to get himself back on track after somewhat of a hiatus from professional acting. He is an avid golfer who is admired by his peers for his vocal abilities and charisma on camera. Sean recently relocated to LA from Orlando and also works in Vegas. He may be a bit of a bad boy at times, but he's still got it.
old ashley
hey is it true you got your fingers cut off? i was reading it on wiki.. holla at ya boy
I hang with the kid like every day. You are all idiots but funny. Sean an I are getting an album together at the moment and compete in cycling. Mindless self indulgence and the bottle comment are hilarious. He is one of the most active and dedicated people I know. You will see him soon again.
Sean bailed me out of the worst situation of my youth... I think I might have bailed him out of a hard one too! What a rocking dude! Cruzing in the Low Rider in 93! Camping out at the pink house in Down Town Orlando... Dancing to House til the sun came up! Bro if your reading this look me up on myspace eh! www.myspace.com/thecosmicdiva

Jesaka (with a K)
He's actually doing better than melissa joan hart and her husbands band for that matter. He's undercover, because he doesn't want to be recognized as the kid that climbed up her window in some cheesey 90's nick show. He's the singer for Mindless Self Indulgence.
hey just to let you know that there is a clarissa myspace check it out!


ive heard sean (sam) is on myspace so please if your reading thses check it out and add it:) its got cool VERY RARE pics from Clarissa's personal album not seen in years
Clarissa fanspace
We were at Sharons house over the Christmas season years ago, and Molly decided to pitch a fit because he was interested in me..so he ended up leaving Sharons with me and sang unchained melody to me in my living room..Talk about ROMANTIC!! Molly was less than thrilled and it took a while before she dealt with the rejection..haha..Sean..I hope you remember this!! Anyway, best of luck to you wherever you are..Im still in orlando at the golf course..so u know where i am (wink, wink)..
Jenny..the redhead at orange county nati
not really sure how all the crap people hear and think about me gets started. funny shit though! Im currentley living in Orlando,but movin to vegas shortly! going to pursue my vocal career while dipping my feet back in the acting world. who knows!!!!!!
Sean O'Neal
Personally, we heart sean o'neal and would like to express our total dedication to and appreciation of such a fine, highly skilled, classically trained actor. No-one else has ever climbed up a ladder like he does, and we've seen a lot of that in our time, being 19 and whatnot. If you ever read this, sean, just know we don't LOVE u as such, but we do hold a mild affection for you in our hearts.
Les and amanda
October 17,2005
I think Millisa Joan Hart should try to help him out. I mean there's probley alot of people who wouldn't have even watched the show if she hadn't of had that funny neighbor sneaking in her window. So, why not hook him up with a part in something decent. lol, just joking I hope he is doing ok though I always liked him on the show.
His meteoric rise to fame in the early 90's hit Sean O'Neal hard. The acting jobs look to have almost dried up, and no doubt our old pal "Sam" is on the bottle.

He still gets the occasional run-out, mind. He was last seen in the blockbuster "RahXephon" in 2002, immediately following on from the, uh, sucess of 2001's "Nowâru".

I guess that "Explains it all..." - Arf!

Craig Laycock