What Happened To B*Witched?

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Errr.... Who?

Irish girl-group

This is what they are doing now...

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the girls will be on itv2 on jan 23rd 2013 for the big reunion its in eight parts also 5ive 911 and liberty x and atomic kitten be on there tune in to watch the girls
keavy and edele have made there own group called the barbarellas check them out here on facebook http://www.facebook.com/barbarellasnet/posts/325985627418282
follow lindsay on twitter @lindsayarmaou
they performed at the University of Dundee Graduation Ball on the 26th June
We spotted the twins having lunch in a beach side bar in Alvor, Portugal June 2009.
The Smarts
b*witched are at risa in b'ham tonight!! wooo
Keavy and Edele from B*witched are performing live at the Powerhouse Club in Newcastle, UK. On Friday 27th February 2009, at 11pm.
They'll be playing all the hits from 1998 - 2000.
Entry will probably be around 20 quid knowing Pure Leisure. They tend to charge stupid amounts of cash for Z-List celebs :(
Keavy and Edele ( Ms Lynch ) were on big brothers little brother teaching a tard Zezi Ifore how to dance.
Kevin Burgess
They're Playing at my Uni's summer ball . . . looks like there's only two of them now though.
Apparently theyre playing at Roehampton Uni Summber Ball...
They recently played a club in liverpool, when they started singing there was a mass run for the exit...not their best of times!
they sang together at sheffield uni on 27th oct 2007 for scary tarts
john smith
Nobody is in prison. Lindsay is in a country band called Clayton- listen to them at http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=185892458 You can also buy their four-track EP on iTunes.

Edele gave birth to a baby girl, Ceol Sheila Barrett on 7 July, 2007.
Keavy and Edele are now a duo, under the name of Ms. Lynch- they have been gigging and their songs will soon be re-added on their new Ms. Lynch myspace page- http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=277041093 Gigs are listed here!
Sinead is a TV presenter for a show title "Inside and Out" on Ireland's TV3.
the smart one
Recently spotted at the University of York freshers ball, only the twins were there and they kept attempting to sing "their new material", apparently one of the other two is currently in prison.
edele is married and pregnant but her and keavy are now a duo
dave baker
Apparently they are still touring. Recently did a show at some University Unions in Scotland.
Edele is now a songwriter for Girls Aloud. She co wrote "Some Kind Of Miracle" on the girls' first album.
Katy Ingram
Sinead was working with some girls in a band, but that failed apparently. Lindsay is trying to go solo. Her official website forum closed without explanation, and the guestbook has been spammed like crazy, and no one has cleaned it up. Keavy just did a "Snow White" play in the UK. I'm not sure what Edele is up to. Yes, Lee and Lindsay are still together. The band was originally dropped from Sony/Epic, which is why they never released their album that was said to be released.
lindsays site is www.lindsayarmaou.com she updates it regularly and looks like she is trying to go solo
I read an interview in the Irish Times sometime in 2004 with Sinead O'Carroll, who was managing a new band who were going to be releasing an album sometime after that. B*witched were dropped from their record label after they failed to break America, and 'Awake and Breathe' flopped in the UK and Ireland. As regards the rest of them, no idea. I'm sure those Lynch twins still 'look like their da' though...
some smart name
hmmm i dunno but i always see them out shopping in pleasant kingston upon thames
happy shopper
is lindsay still with lee from 911?????
"Sadly, they are releasing a new album next year"
Sex Goddess