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Errr.... Who? The guy that presented the first few series of "The Crystal Maze"

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After seeing that message at the end of crystal maze (the one which stated he had died of traumatic head injuries (I have the episode credits in question on VHS)). I was surprised to see him at a RHPS re-union in 2010, funny how many people come back from the dead these days ;)
Hi, i have his harmonica from crystal maze which he give me 18 years ago when i went to visit, any1 have an idea where i can get it authorised as his with certifiacte etc..
always something creepy about him when he did the maze with little kiddies.
is that the reason the brilliant ed tudor pole got his job?
Richard o Brian is currently (OCT 2009) starring in "The Stripper" at The Kings Theatre in Glasgow...He wrote the lyrics for this show and is fantastic as Mr Arkwright.
I Listened to Steve Allen of LBC this morning. Steve Allen interviewed Richard O'Brian - very good listening! hes such a nice guy, and it will be repeated at 9.00pm tonight. I'm Listening again. Jill
sounds like chinese whispers gone wrong
strangled from birth
It wasn't even his nephew. It was a contestant on the Crystal Maze called Mac. And the programme was dedicated to him as he was in it.
Actually, his nephew died in a motorbike accident.
your kidding , Ed Tudor Pole better than
richard in the crystal maze get a life

richard was the best in it and he would still be now if it came back he was fit for his age

long live o'brian
The Hottest info in June 2008, is a new TV show called Richard O Brian's Dead Strange.
It's about strange unusual and alternative death related tales......... comming soon I hope, as I supply themed hearse. The car that says thank you and celebrates a loved ones life. The alternatine to black and a natural choice.
Harvey Levene
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