What Happened To Patric Duffy?

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Errr.... Who?

Played in Man from Atlantis and Dallas

This is what they are doing now...

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he is in a programme called step by step i love that show i watch some on utube other day great if u havent seen it .its a must see its funny too
julie south wales
He has a new gameshow called bingo or something coming out. I saw it on the Today's show.
Patrick Duffy showed up in "The Bold and the Beautiful" some time last year and did a stint as Stephen Logan, Brooke's Dad, for a while. His character caused a stir, as usual, romanced Taylor and Jackie, and departed once more. He looks good for his age - must be a clean-living man!
i saw him collecting trolleys at tesco's the other day. and a fine job he did to.
jony timaloo
Had A Cameo in 2003 - 4 in the animated comedy "The Family Guy" with Victoria Principal as Bobby and Pam Ewing. Very funny actually.
didnt he turn up as the leg of scuzzelbutt (wicker weaving monster with cellary for an arm) in southpark a few years ago....
Patrick Duffy played in the series "The Man from Atlantis"
did he play in a tv show called aqua man