What Happened To 2 Unlimited?

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Errr.... Who?

No no limits...techno techno techno!

This is what they are doing now...

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in 2016, there was an argument between Anita and the producer of 2 Unlimited as he was demanding Anita to make a decision of either giving up her solo career and staying as the lead singer of 2 Unlimited or resigning from 2 Unlimited and having focus on her solo career. Anita had a full day of reflection time and after her time was up she was informed that she was no longer in 2 Unlimited. The entire crew and dancers were replaced along with Anita, creating a fresh new start. The situation became a controversial topic between fans, as a large amount of loyal fans were angry and argued that there is no 2 Unlimited without the lead singer, whom took part in writing the songs and is the original voice. Thus.. 2 Unlimited carries on in 2018 with a new singer, Kim, and Anita is happy with her solo career and personal life.

Suggesting "No Limits" was potentially their only hit is lazy ignorance. In the UK they scored no less than 11 top 10 hits and 2 number 1 albums.

The album "Real Things" was certified gold less than a week of sales by the BPI.

2 unlimited were slated by the UK press despite their huge popularity and success in the UK.

It only takes a moment to research their discography on Wikipedia to discover just how successful they were.

Over 80 gold and platinum certifications in less than 5 years!
In fact they are making a comeback as we speak.
ray and Anita were here in the USA talks of a hip hop style techno album but I think it will b a bust, I miss them so much, techno hasn't been the same......
Ray and Anita returned to the stage together for the 1st time in 13 years in April this year.They performed a string of hits at the I love the 90's gig and then later at a gig in Holland. There are big rumours that the producers are set to work with Ray and Anita once more as 2 unlimited, with a new single expected out before the end of 2009
Anita continues her gigs in the uk performing 2 unlimited songs,check out Butlins for her next gigs

Despite many fans wanting a comeback,the two producers dont speak no more and will never entertain a comeback FACT

Anita gigs as 2 unlimited and plays at Butlins Adult weekends - FACT
2 unlimited are not on tour around the uk and have never have been,its only anita performing the songs of 2 unlimited,I am her tour manager. In 2003 ray almost rejoined 2 unlimited but money got in the way,since then Phill Wilde and Paul de coster no longer work together, however Anita has now agreed to sing new songs with 2 unlimited but with no ray,its now down to the producers to stop being stubborn. Both Anita and Ray was offered 3 million pound each two years ago to reform but both said no due to the bad feelings between each other

ray was rumoured to have killed him self last year but this turned out not to be true

the saga continues

they refomed in 1998 as just 2 girls but their comeback only made it to the bottom half of the top 40 at no.38, i think they still tour a little in clubs and uni's
2 unlimited played an inspired sell out gig at warwick uni, uk. They even came back on for an encore repeating their (only?) hit 'No Limit' in a 15 min extended version!!! Brilliant, we didn't know whether to laugh, cry, cheer or just go home and during the course of the night we did all four.
She played at evolution in Bristol... nonononono
im at uni in the uk n 2unlimited were just here playing a gig at my students union minus the guy..still rocking *heh*
Hi, 2 unlimited are performing at my uni, Sheffield, on 30/10/04 for a special Halloween party. I'm so excited I want to be sick!
2 Unlimited was Ray Slijngaard and Anita Doth from Amsterdam, he was a chef, she was a cop. During their succes years they had a fling and that was the beginning of the end. They had the usual argument about money and 2 Unlimited was history. Ray works as a producer now, without succes but he doesn´t really need it, royalty´s do the trick. Anita does musicals and a lot of background vocals. They´re not friends anymore.
Werent they the guys that had the plane crash and ate the soccor team