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What Happened To Sharky and George?

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Errr.... Who? 80s early morning cartoon fishy detective & side-kick

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all the episodes I mentioned are on youtube to watch-- have fun
back in the 90 i taped most of sharkey and
george on vhs tapes for my daugther
the grimm galleon
palefin speak with forked fin
crustaccean at cross purposees
neolithic nigthmare
the muddle of the black puddle
the secret of the forest of algae
case of the creeping crystal
jelly doodle dandy
dont eat the daphnies
submarine subterfuge
bubble trouble
full fathom feast or famine
unidentified floating object
where have all the bubbles gone
hat trick starfish serenade
ray of reversal
mummy is that you
the pirana zone adventure
sharkey and george and the temple of boom
the big sneeze
too many crooks
kiss kiss little fishy
seacargo celebrates s&george
rallye round the deep
krakatuna kabluey
the monsters of coranium
oysters awaigh
sharkey center stage
fishy ben ...foiled again
hole on the bottom of the sea
the great galleon caper
sharkey swallows the bait
ticket to terror
legend of the magic pearl
a lobster in love
humphey goes for gold
the princess and the pearl
colonel claw walks the plank
a shocking saga of the sea
mirror mirror on the wall
no sleep (for the sultan)
jelly go -round
lox and the south sea bubble
ice capades
case of the defective detective
lobsters on the loose
pearl of wisdom
the tailspin of time
barracuda triangle
concerto for catastrophe
dr jake eel and mr crab
escape from albatross
search for the sacred coral
war and peace-prairy style
panic on the pirana zone
a salty tale of the sea
a fishy film festival
the poseidon stone
the trail of the tortoise
blue bonic blues
watery wizardry
deep freeze in the deep
crustaceon invasion
char-nold meltdown
the lost nets monster
probably missed some episodes????
there are supposed to be 78 ??? wish i knew
how to put it into digital and share it ...maybe
someday...fishy ben backstabber....all we need is time and technology , claudia from canada
i loved sharky and george as a kid lol i even got my little girl to call her gold fish sharky and george lol
amy j
I am 30 and remember sunday mornings with Sharkey and George on tv- even at 17 I admit to lovin it. Now have two veiltail goldfish called sharkey and george. They are doing fine.


Sharky and George
Man Sharky & George dem guys were f*kin ill, where are they hidin? I'm 17 and sumfin just cliked the other day "SHARKY & GEORGE WHERE ARE THEY?" I've been tryin to download an episode on bare share and lime wire but they never existed WHAT!!!!. there is the theme tune on a site called retro junk but it just makes me cry haha. some one 1 needs to get them guys back on road they were true bredrins of mine and i worshiped those guys
Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sharky and george were amazing! i miss them so much I may actually set their picture as my wallpaper on the computer. wea are both 17 and sat here laughing at the fantastic theme tune and anything else we can find to do with sharky and george on the net!! BRING THEM BACK!
Joker and Hazel
sharky n george was the best show ever i cried 4 ages wen it wasnt on anymore, i used 2 get up on sunday mornins 2 watch it. xx
If u wanna here the theme tune for old times sake, theres a website called www.retrojunk.com that has that and many other classics on it! the chipmunks being a personal favourite!
Few people know this, but sharky and George were actually french. After filming a few shows for channel 4 they moved back to the sea's of France for early retirements. However fish crime had increased whilst they were away and they were re-instated to their detective positions to try to 'sniff out' some bad guys. They still remain there to this day. Boyd Hoyland (son of Max)
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