What Happened To Michelle Gayle?

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Errr.... Who?

Used to act in Eastenders, then started a singing career

This is what they are doing now...

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Just announced she is going to be cometiting to be the UK's entry in this year (2008) Eurovision song contest.
She is participating in the Channel 4 show "The Games", which starts this Friday (17th March 2006).
Katy Ingram
i do believe she'll be appearing in the news series of Channel 4's 'The Games'
shes brought a single out in the uk a saw it on a music channel.
releases gotta be me on 13th september !!


Supposed to be releasing album and single, summer 2004 married a spurs player too I think
Barry Last
She was on Reborn in the USA last year. I think she got into the final 6.
Katy Ingram
"Housewife i think, she married ex-footballer Mark Bright and had kids."
Richie D