What Happened To Noddy Holder?

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Errr.... Who?

1970's Band - 'Slade'

This is what they are doing now...

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noddy put alot of money into a wiked club (the robin hood 2) in bilston just out of wolverhampton where slade first started up i think, he does a load of charity work and did some promotion work 4 banks bitter where u could get a noddy pin badge with a pint
si the black country boy
He was a co-presenter on Top of the Pops on BBC2 about two or three weeks ago (Nov 2005). Just as loud and annoying as ever.
He is currently appearing in an advert for Nobby's Nuts. Three guys come in and try to nibble Noddy's nuts, so he kicks them off and shouts at them that they have read the sign wrongly.
Katy Ingram
noddy holders appears on hilarious bbc serious grumpy old men
don't know if it's relevant but I had a man who swore he was Noddys older brother talk to me constantly from Birmingham to Newcastle. Swore that Iron bru was the secret of both his and Noddys long curly hair
"Noddy releasd his autobiography in 2000, he has quit the record business but can be seen on lot's of TV pop quiz shows as team captain."
"retired, although he does the odd- Tv special. Living off his vast pension and money he saved in the 70s and 80s."
"Plays the head teacher in The Grimleys on ITV"
"He is actually a regular Saturday night presenter on the radio station 105.4 Century FM. It's a 70's Parteee!!!"
Adam McCance