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he's ugly due to age i guess but i like him.. so so much..
The film is done in a respectful manner and Shane is fantastic... The film will be opening 9/26 at the Midtown Theater in Atlanta.
Pleeezzz....of course SW is gay. Dating a woman for two years? I've been married for 13 years and have two kids and I'm totally a homosexual bottom...go figure! The world, especially sexually, is not black or white, but shades of grey.
Prof. Queerity
Shane west is not gay and is in a long-term relationship with a woman by the name of Stephanie Smith. She's beautiful and a writer. They met two years ago at a reading?
Sherry williams
Shane west is so hot i JUST got done watching a walk to remember. i wish i was that girl so i could kiss him!
pmg shane west can not be gay he is so hot i love him uhh he plays on er and a walk to remember by the way getting that movie and he just canted be gay that is like so gay if he is that would be really sad for me cause i would cry and cry and be sad all the time
i really dont think hes gay.hes 2 sexy to be gay. if he is im gonna be so sad. hes really sexy and so is channing tatnum.
courtney,new york
shane west is so cute,i dont believe his a gay.but i like him.so hot.wow............
iv heard the shane west is gay .. is that true? cause that would be so sad for me lol i love him please tell me hes not gay 4 a fact
Channing Tatum is cuter then Shane...sry girls
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