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What Happened To Kenan and Kel?

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What Kenan and Kel used to look like

Errr.... Who? Stars of the childrens comedy show

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am tellin ya this now 4 free kel is dead!!! n uz r all speakin ill of the dead.... he died in 2003 in a car crash ...i member it as if it was yesterday it was on the news!!!!!!!!!!! i miss him :( but kenan is still alive and well :)
Kenan and Kel should do a reunion episode for Kenan and Kel. They should also do Good Burger 2 and other tv shows or movies
Strawberry Legs
For everyone's knowledge, they are both alive and well. Kenan is on Saturday Night Live and Kel is currently on I LOVE TOYS on VH1.
Strawberry Legs
i know exactly what happned to kel from the hit tv show kenan and kel! does anyone remeber that classic sponge bob square pants episode when sponge bob accidently takes all his friends to the moon thinking they're aliens? if you look closely the star fish is in fact kel! he is credited on the credits as mr. X but we know this is infact kel. rumour has it he is still stuck on the moon with sponge bob!
alex and pete
im alive and well, just to put my fans out of worry, im fine!
Kenan is sooo not dead u guys i just saw him in a movie the other day!!! cant remember what its called tho. in the movie him and his 2 friends all get their girlfriends pregnant. I think the movies called ny babies daddy
we are sure that kel is not dead, because we saw him at sainsburys. so ha he aint dead alrigh!
tulula and coola
I heard kel was dead ages ago, but i also thought he got an award for directing, i dont know news travels to england so slowly! i thought kel died in a car crash, don't know about kenan, if you have any info please post it!
Rob Pass
Kel isnt Deead he is currently filming a film sumwhere lol http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005239/ this has a list of everything that he has done and no1 is dated as 2006 which eh is currently filming! so fuck u's! i know everything
Kel has his own show or he did. And kenan was on wild'n'out, fat albert and hes on saturday night live,
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