What Happened To Andy Crane?

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Errr.... Who?

Ex-CBBC Presenter

This is what they are doing now...

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He`s a news reader and reporter for Channel M now which is a TV station for Manchester.
I recently interview Andy for my new site (which is under construction). Interview is here...


I thought that Andy Crane did all of his tv/radio work in the commercial sector not as a CBBC presenter.

And recently he has been on LBC FM in London every Sunday morning 9am-Midday.

The Great Gildersleeve
Andy was the narrator for a 2003 series called Redcoats on ITV1. It's showing at the moment although they always transmit it about 3am. It was really enjoyable and there were 2 or 3 series in total. Any plans for any more Andy?
He\'s not executive producer for channel 4, that was Andi Peters, what a legend that man is!
he presents the manchester news on channel m at 5.30pm every weekday!
I work for Channel M in Manchester. It's Andy Peter's who is producer for Channel 4 (T4). Not me!!! I also do the occasional bit on the Shopping Channel.


Andy Crane
he has a late night radio show on century fm radio in manchester
Hes now an executive produce for channel 4 in the uk, as well as top of the pops i think
"Now trying to convince us we need things we don't like on the TV shopping channel, 'Shop!'. Also spotted attempting to purchase kiddy clothes in M&S, Manchester."
Heather Williams
"Presents a daily quiz show on satelite channel, Challenge TV"
"Until last week he worked on the tv shopping channel called SHOP!...but alas it closed down..."
Andy Jones